What I’ve Learned So Far About Writing Serial Fiction

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What I’ve Learned So Far About Writing Serial Fiction

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I am often known for diving straight into a project without having the least idea of how to do it well. I don’t regret this. I consider full, and immediate, immersion as the best way to learn. That said, it often results in a poor start, and I have to make a lot of changes as I go. For example, the content of my most successful website, AllTimelines.com, has existed for years but only recently gained traction as I applied better web-content principles. The same is true of this site and my serial fiction.

I’ve only been publishing on this site for the last two months. But in that time, I have already learned a lot. Before I started, I read the book Write. Publish. Repeat, which is an indie book about self-publishing. It was absolutely phenomenal! It helped me structure the site, my email campaign, and my future plans (*grins over interlaced fingers*). But it didn’t have much about writing serial fiction, especially when posting said serial for free on a blog. It did, however, give me some very good ideas for publishing collections of my serial, which you’ll probably see around this time next year.

So I turned to the trusty Google Search. Serial fiction, though perhaps not too mainstream yet, still has a number of dedicated authors who know what they’re talking about. I did a lot of reading and came to a few conclusions: 1) that I wasn’t posting enough, and 2) that my “episodes” were too long. I also decided I needed to cross-post on platforms like Wattpad, which is an online community of serial writers (and book writers) that functions much like YouTube, but for prose. So social interaction as a marketing technique is another thing I need to do a lot more of.

Future Plans

With that in mind, I plan on making a few changes to the original structure I proposed.

  1. Episodes will now be split up, meaning my typical 4000-ish word episodes will be broken down to around 1000-word parts. There will still be the same number of episodes (12 in a year), but they will be divided (i.e. Episode 1.1, 1.2, etc.).
  2. These broken-up episodes will come out once a week, usually on Mondays. This will replace the original idea of posting once a month.
  3. Become a Superhero posts are out for now, but I will continue to post archive entries for characters, organizations, etc. at least once per month. I might step that up to twice per month.
  4. I will occasionally post Author Updates like this one whenever needed. This will keep you up-to-date on what’s happening with this website, any announcements I have, as well as things like writing advice, etc. There’s no set calendar for these posts, though I suspect an average of one every month or so.

As always, I hope you enjoy the story. Please let me know in the comments about anything you’d like to see, or any advice you have. I’d love to hear it.


Jason Hamilton, Argo Force Scribe

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