Introducing the Argoverse Bundle

Hey there! Time for an update.

I’ve just developed the idea of an Argoverse Bundle. This is/will be a collection of fiction available for FREE to those who sign up for the mailing list.

Right now it contains a grand total of ONE story, called Ends and Beginnings. This is my version of the Adam and Eve story, or the first people to begin populating the Earth. But there’s a twist, this story is a science fiction (with hints of fantasy). See the artwork above.

In early 2018, I will add two new stories to the list, and send them out to everyone on the mailing list. These will include an ebook copy of the first collection of Alice: The Last Founder, as well as a short story prequel to my upcoming book, Out of Shadow.

All of this will remain free, and any new fiction added to the Argoverse bundle will be distributed to the mailing list.

In other updates:

I’ve also updated the Timeline page with a cool flowchart to show how everything fits together. These include everything I’ve written or am about to write. As I start new series, this will expand.

I’m hoping, at some point in the future, to build a shared universe that others can write in. I gain inspiration by Michael Anderle’s Kurtherian Universe, which allows some authors to write their own series in that universe, for a split of the royalties. I won’t try to do this until I have at least two series out, and hopefully my series will take off by then. I really want to collaborate with other authors in this universe. I have ideas for books that fit into virtually every sub-genre of science fiction and fantasy. All within the Argoverse.

Please feel free to subscribe if you haven’t already. You’ll get the short story, Ends and Beginnings, and all future free content. I look forward to sharing my stories with you!

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