Argo Force is the name of an organization within the Argoverse, a shared universe created by Jason Hamilton. They are a group of time-traveling heroes who wish to help those in need. Some of them resemble what we call superheroes. However, they are more than that. While some have superpowers (and you’ll read about some of them), the vast majority of their ranks are filled by people like you, people who want to make a difference.

So we’d like to make Argo Force not just a fictional group of time-traveling superheroes, but a real-world organization as well. We invite all who are willing to join us by subscribing to the site (which will earn you some free fiction, by the way), but also by doing all you can do to make your community a better place. This could range from taking a cat out of a tree, to performing community service, to voting. Every little bit helps.

Feel free to check out the site to read more about Argo Force, it’s members, but also many other stories set within the Argoverse.


Learn more about the author, Jason Hamilton.

What’s in a name?

You may wonder what the name “Argo Force” has to do with being a superhero. Well, if you recall, in the old Greek myths there was a hero called Jason. That Jason would eventually become a founding member of Argo Force. He was the first to assemble a band of exceptional people for a specific quest: to find the Golden Fleece, which could bring healing to the land. They sailed on a special ship, called the Argo.

Because of the core structure behind this story (a group of heroes on a quest for a thing of healing), the organization that would eventually become Argo Force, used the name to remind them of their origins and their mission. Its members travel the time stream every day bringing healing in small (sometimes larger) ways to the people of Earth and other planets like it.