About the Author

Becoming the best storyteller.

Jason has a deeply seeded love of all things science fiction and fantasy. He especially loves shared universes, which is why he decided to create his own universe, the Argoverse, consisting of various worlds including the Arthurian Shared Universe and Illadar.

When he’s not writing, you’ll probably find him diving headlong into the worlds of Star Wars, Marvel, DC, the Cosmere, and the countless sci-fi/fantasy series out there.

Jason got his bachelor’s degree in English from Brigham Young University an MA in Creative and Media Education. Jason has also worked building websites since the start of his time at college. He spent several years working in content marketing, and is now the Content Manager for Kindlepreneur.com. He has built many websites as a hobby, including some like MythBank.com.

Jason is a huge fan of genre fiction. If it’s a well-told story, he’s probably into it. He is especially fond of stories that involve Star Wars, Superheroes, and Shakespeare. You can contact him through the Contact page or through Twitter.